Top Free FLV Players

FLV is a popular video format that can be easily called a standard format for online video streaming and found on such well-known video sharing sites as YouTube, Vevo, Metacafe and many more. Flash video is viewable in most web browsers. However, if you want to download FLV video, you can’t do without FLV converter in order to reproduce the video with a regular PC player. Alternatively, you may use a special FLV player to watch FLV videos without re-encoding. Have at look at these 5 free FLV players and choose the one you like most.

Applian FLV Player


Applian FLV Player is a simple media player for watching FLV movies and videos. The software has an easy-to-use interface attractive both for proficient users and beginners. Just add FLV videos via drag-n-drop and right-click on the player to see all the possible options. The program also allows its users to handle and create playlists and use a number of filters to adjust various audio and video effects. Moveover, FLV can play other formats such as AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, 3GP, CD and DVD. The only thing worth remembering is that being a free software, Applian FLV Player is ad-supported and will offer you third-party programs during the installation. Thus if you don’t need them, don’t forget to deselect the options.

FLV Player


FLV Player is a good solution for playing FLV movies downloaded from the Web. It’s small, fast but gives qualitative playback. FLV player features a simple user-friendly interface with drag-n-drop support.  If you want, you may check video metadata right from the player or watch the movie in full-screen. In fact, these are the only options of free FLV player. However, if the only thing you need is to play FLV videos free, FLV player is a very good choice.

Moyea FLV Player



Moyea FLV Player is one more software that you can use to play FLV video files on your hard drive or from the Web. The program allows you to create playlist and add videos in Favorites. It also lets replay FLV files from wherever you stopped them last time. Moyea FLV Player’s interface is also pretty simple and provides you with only necessary options. The player supports multiple playing modes such as like full screen, shuffle, and single repeat.

Sothink FLV Player


Sothink FLV Player, also called Flash Video Player, is another option to reproduce FLV files. It’s simple to use, light in size and supports a lot of codecs for FLV videos. However, you can’t play any other video extensions with this software. The image quality is really great comparing to many free FLV players. But, of course, it depends on the original quality of the video you download from YouTube. As for the options, Sothink FLV Player provides a very usual set of functions for playback . No additional features are available.

Riva FLV Player


Riva FLV Player  is a small application created for FLV videos playback. You can “pin” the player on the top of other windows and enjoy your video while chatting or doing something else. The interface is pretty simple with 3 buttons only. However, it doesn’t put a crimp into its main purpose. Riva FLV Player can also play other video formats in case you have all the necessary codecs on your PC. We found only one serious minus in this software – no full screen support.